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You are an entrepreneur in the business services sector and you want to outsource your administration. We can achieve cost savings of up to 20% within your industry! We are THE administration office for business services

SFAA Administration Office Amsterdam:

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Your remote financial department!

In recent years, SFAA Administration Office Amsterdam has specialized in supporting companies within the business services sector. We go further than just the administration: together with entrepreneurs we build a structure with smart dashboards, so that insight into costs is created. This way, processes can be improved and your company can grow! As an administration office for business services, we help you where necessary!

20% cost savings

Within many organizations, unnecessary high costs are incurred. SFAA’s goal is to help businesses grow. Understanding your company’s cost structure can go a long way.

Our working method can save about 20% in costs:

-We start with an extensive analysis of the financial structure: What flows through the books? What are the opportunities and areas for improvement?;
-We then discuss these opportunities and points for improvement during a sparring session and implement them in an action plan;
-Finally, we build smart dashboards, tailor-made for your company, so that actual savings can be achieved.

Administrative office for business services | Administration in the cloud

We take care of the administration in the Cloud. That means no more attaching receipts or dragging binders around. And you don’t have to email files back and forth, or get started with Dropbox. We do your complete administration (from VAT to annual work) remotely, online and directly in the administration program.

By doing the administration in the Cloud you save time and money. Moreover, you have a better financial overview and a financial expert thinks along with you about how you can best build a structure. We also work with apps and online tools to do the administration as efficiently as possible. Accounting 3.0 so to speak. This way you will have even more time to do business!

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