Cookie policy

Cookies are used on the SFAA website. The SFAA cookie policy states:


A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Both SFAA and other parties can place cookies. Cookies do not store any personal information about you, do not harm your computer and are automatically deleted when the expiry time has passed.


We use cookies to facilitate the use of our webshop, to facilitate logging in to our website and to remember your settings and preferences. You can disable these cookies via your browser, but this can negatively affect the functioning of, and therefore your experience with, our website.

We also place cookies on your computer to prevent you from seeing a certain advertisement too often and to register the number of times an advertisement is displayed. These cookies are not linked to a profile about you.

With your permission, we also place “tracking cookies” on your computer. We use these cookies to keep track of which pages you visit and/or to keep track of preferences, in order to build a profile of your online behaviour. This profile is not linked to your name, address, e-mail address or other personal data. These cookies are used to analyze your behavior and/or remember your preferences regarding a survey on a specific topic. The cookies ensure that certain software (see below) can function, which enables us to improve our website and our service. This way we ensure an optimal experience of our website.


Functional cookies: Cookies that ensure that the website functions properly.

We use functional cookies for:

  • Remembering products that you add to your shopping cart while shopping online.
  • Remembering information that you enter on the various pages during checkout or ordering, so that you do not have to enter all your details again and again
  • Passing on information from one page to the next page, for example if you have to enter a lot of data when ordering online
  • Saving preferences, such as the language, location, the desired number of search results to be displayed, etc.
  • Reading your browser settings to optimally display our website on your screen
  • Offering the option to save login details so you don’t have to re-enter them every time
  • Being able to determine which version of the website you see


To determine which parts of the website are most interesting, we continuously measure the use of the website.

Statistics are made of the information we collect in this way. These statistics give us insight into how often our web page is visited, where exactly visitors spend the most time, and so on. This enables us to make the structure, navigation and content of the website as user-friendly as possible for you. We do not trace the statistics and other reports to individuals.

We use cookies for:

  • Keeping track of the number of visitors to the website and our web pages
  • Keeping track of the length of time each visitor spends on our web pages
  • Determining the order in which a visitor visits the various pages of
  • Assessing which parts of our site need updating
  • Optimizing the website


SFAA focuses on selling products. To stimulate sales, we place advertisements on various other websites. We try to make the advertisements as relevant as possible. Advertising space is purchased from media agencies and advertising networks. They act as intermediaries between website owners and advertisers.

The cookies enable:

  • It can be tracked which advertisements you have already seen to prevent you from seeing the same one again and again
  • It can be tracked how many visitors click on the advertisement for the purpose of settlement with the party from which the advertising space is purchased
  • It is possible to keep track of how many orders take place via the advertisement for the purpose of settlement with the party from which the advertising space is purchased


Our aim is to provide website visitors with information that is as relevant as possible. That is why we try to adapt our site to every visitor as much as possible. We do this not only through the content of our website, but also through the advertisements that are displayed outside the website.

In order to make these adjustments, we try to get an idea of your probable interests based on your visit to Based on these interests, we then adjust the content and offers on for different groups of customers.

Third parties that place cookies via our website can also try to find your interests in this way. In that case, the information about your current visit can be combined with information from previous visits to websites other than ours.

If such cookies are not used, this does not mean that you will no longer see advertisements from us. In that case, the advertisements are no longer tailored to your interests.

These cookies enable:

  • The websites register your visit in order to estimate your interests
  • It can be checked whether you have clicked on an advertisement
  • Information about your surfing behavior is passed on to other websites
  • Third party services are used to show you advertisements
  • More interesting advertisements are shown based on your social media use


Due to the way the internet and websites work, we may not always have insight into the cookies that are placed by third parties via our website. This is particularly the case if our web pages contain so-called embedded elements; these are texts, documents, images or videos that are stored with another party, but that are shown on, in or via our website.

If you encounter cookies on this website that fall into this category and that we have not mentioned above, please let us know. Or contact the third party directly and ask which cookies they have placed, what the reason is, what the lifespan of the cookie is and how they have guaranteed your privacy.


You have the right to request access to and correction or deletion of your data. See our contact page for this. To prevent misuse, we may ask you to identify yourself adequately. When it comes to access to personal data linked to a cookie, you must also send a copy of the cookie in question.


By default, most browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) are set to allow websites to store cookies on your computer. How you can adjust your settings differs per browser. If necessary, consult the help function of your browser.

Please note: disabling cookies only affects the computer and browser on which you perform this action. If you use multiple computers and/or browsers, you must repeat this action as often as necessary.

Be aware that if you do not want cookies, we can no longer guarantee that our website will work properly. It is possible that some functions of the site are lost or even that you can no longer see certain websites at all. In addition, refusing cookies does not mean that you will no longer see advertisements. The advertisements are then no longer tailored to your interests and are repeated more often.