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The financial administration of your company. It’s probably not your favorite thing to do, but it is ours! The financial and tax heroes and heroines of SFAA are very driven when it comes to finance and are happy to help you. We work with Exact Online, an online accounting program. With Exact Online accounting you can always and everywhere see how your company is doing financially. Exact online accounting is clear, transparent and saves a lot of administration and tax ‘hassle’. This way you have more time to do business.

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Exact Online accounting is THE solution

We understand that as an entrepreneur you always want to have insight into your financial administration. In this way you can monitor changes and respond to them in a timely manner. To make it as easy as possible, we at SFAA work with high-quality administration software. With this, your entire financial administration is in the cloud. Are you not (yet) handy with financial apps and accounting programs? No worries. We are happy to explain in a personal conversation how Exact accounting works.

A good choice!

Not everyone has switched to Exact Online accounting yet. In 2019, that is quite strange, since we are moving along with the trends of the digital revolution in other areas. For anyone who is still unsure about Exact Online accounting by SFAA, we have listed the advantages:

Financial administration in 
the Cloud: how does that work?

Working with entrepreneurs and helping them get better is extremely important to us. The smart use of the cloud makes online bookkeeping easy and transparent. That is why SFAA is a pleasure to work with. On October 10, 2018, there was an even bigger celebration at the office. That day we managed to win the Exact Cloud Award. This is the annual election for accountancy and administration offices in the Netherlands. SFAA has been named the administrative office that is most innovative and excels in collaboration with customers. Of course, we are proud of that. Very proud.

Financial administration with 
SFAA: we take that extra step

SFAA’s financial heroes don’t just look at the financial process. We can also look at your business from a business point of view. What could be better? Is there a way to save more costs? How can you improve your organizational processes? How do you increase your chances of obtaining financing from the bank? Curious what else we can do for your company? View our services in the field of financial advice and financial administration here.

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