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We at SFAA like to think with you about how your business can grow and save costs. Are you curious about how we work? Read all about financial advice on this page.

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What does your company or organization's cost structure look like? How much do you spend on licenses each month? Or how much do you invest? Chances are you don't know this exactly. This is not at all surprising; but a shame. Because more insight into your financial situation ultimately leads to more profit.

SFAA's financial and tax heroes know what they're talking about. We provide financial advice for SME's and ZZPE's as well as for larger companies of 30 FTE and above. You can think of us as your own finance department. We naturally advise entrepreneurs on the financial administration of their business, but we also provide financial advice to entrepreneurs privately.

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Tailored financial advice

SFAA’s team is very curious. That’s just as well. We want to give you the best financial advice, which is why it’s important to know your business well. We completely immerse ourselves in the industry. What are the issues you have to deal with? What entrepreneurial issues are you running into? What exactly does your company – from management to shop floor – look like? Once we have that mapped out, we give financial advice that really benefits you. Moreover, we help to transfer all or part of the administration to our Cloud environment. Learn more about how we work.

Tailored financial advice

Our specialists know all about administration and have an awful lot of useful accounting tips. But besides that, we are true business experts. So we can help with financial advice in different areas. Our consulting package includes:

More profit

SFAA’s goal is to help businesses grow. Good financial advice can result in huge cost savings and that means more profit/space to invest. Within many organizations, money is not spent efficiently. The fresh perspective of our financial heroes can greatly benefit your business. We make sure there is more insight; that’s the first step to cost savings for your business. But we don’t just look at unnecessary costs; we also provide business advice. We explore how business processes can be more efficient and what all you can automate.

Not infrequently, organizations can save up to 50%. “That’s a lot!”, we hear you thinking. This is because we look beyond purchasing costs and overhead. We also take a critical look at business processes and the external hours being procured.

Financial advice for any business

Financial advice is our specialty. We help many companies where we often look beyond finances. Indeed, business-wise, we also have much to offer. But established companies also benefit greatly from our fresh perspective. In short; financial advice for any business, whether you are a brand new start-up, have a large company or have been around for 50 years.

Financial Amsterdam

Our office is located in the heart of Amsterdam. Consequently, many customers come from this region. Because it would be nice if you could join us for a cup of coffee while we discuss finances. But because we do a lot of administration in the cloud, it doesn’t really matter that much whether your company is around the corner, on a Wadden Island or at the tip of Limburg.

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