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Increasingly, we see foreign entrepreneurs finding their way to our office for confirmation for their IND application. In fact, for an IND for entrepreneurs, you need an opening balance sheet when the limited liability company is formed. This opening balance sheet should show that you have made a deposit (in cash) to your limited liability company. An office with a tax consultant number or registered Administrative Office can take care of this for you. We always arrange it within 2 business days. The guidance is usually done by external parties, because there are quite a few rules to setting up a BV with foreign mothers and foreigners coming to live and work in the Netherlands. We take care of the financial side for that. Offices like LXA the support for the legal part.

Arrange an IND?

We can make a confirmation of a balance and deposit of the money, for this we need some documents. These include the bank statement showing that money is deposited in the account of the limited liability company and the certificate of incorporation. Of course, we also need the reference of the application and the letter stating what to send. The application reference is listed on the letter you receive from the IND and always begins with a Z. We do this for a flat rate of €175 excluding VAT.

For an extension, we need the entire accounts for an audit. If we feed them ourselves then of course it’s easy and we don’t need much more from you. If there is an extension, but we have not done the administration then the cost is higher. After all, we then have to check more, which takes more time for us.

Would you like us to complete the application for you or do you have any questions? Request a no-obligation consultation! If so, feel free to call or email us! 020 26 10 723 or

IND? What is that?

IND is an abbreviation for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Foreigners who want to work and live here need a residence and work permit in the Netherlands. This institution takes care of that. Are you curious? You can also take a look at the website: IND.

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