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Do you need financial support at your office? Read all about hiring a financial expert at SFAA.

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Hiring a financial expert?
It can be done at SFAA!

There may be times when you need long-term financial advice, in the form of temporary reinforcement at your office. In many cases, temporarily hiring a financial advisor is more attractive than hiring someone. SFAA seconds its financial advisors for various administrative work. From bookkeeper to controller, SFAA is happy to support your finance department as needed.

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Secondment financial support

To map out your expectations, we always start the cooperation with an exploratory conversation without any obligation. Based on that conversation, we will select the right financial advisor from our team for your issue. Thus, the continuity of your finance department is not compromised and you are assured that the work is performed at a high level.

Even if you already have a financial advisor, feel free to use SFAA for your financial issues. Our financial advisors and administrators work extensively with and at other accounting firms and are happy to take the work off your hands. Do you need an audit opinion? You can use SFAA for that too!

Your financial issue, our concern!

Because we always fully immerse ourselves in the industry in which you work, our financial advisors are able to adapt to different industries. Whether you need a financial advisor, a business administrator or a business expert, SFAA has the knowledge to answer and solve your issues. Although SFAA is based in Amsterdam, we work throughout the Netherlands in doing so, of course, we make sure to be in regular contact. By phone, email, skype or by just inviting you over for a cup of coffee!

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