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Want to make sure your VAT return is in order? SFAA takes care of your complete tax return so you don’t have to worry about this!

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VAT return: Administrative office SFAA takes care of your sales tax return!

Every business, small or large, is required to file sales tax returns. This is the remittance of the VAT you charge on your services. At what point you must file a tax return as a business owner depends on your industry and the services you provide. Some businesses file VAT returns once a month (hospitality businesses), while other organizations only have to file VAT returns once a quarter.

Sales tax return: simple to highly complex

Depending on the type of business, sales tax returns can be a complex and time-consuming activity. So you may have to deal with CPI, reverse charge or you may be entitled to exemptions?

Administrative Office SFAA supports you with your sales tax return or takes it over completely from you. That way you can be sure it will be done in a timely and proper manner. In addition, we maintain good contact with the Internal Revenue Service. If there are problems or abuses with your VAT return, we can move quickly. And that’s super convenient for you.

VAT return: outsource everything to SFAA Administration Office

In addition to sales tax returns, you can choose to outsource your complete VAT returns to Administrative Office SFAA. We then file not only your sales tax return, but also your income tax return and possibly your corporate tax return. That way you’ll have more time to do what you do best!

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